Iman at Taska Adik Manja

Im now in LCCT. Nope! Im not taking flight nor waiting or sending anyone to anywhere. Im just here to give my full support to my beloved husband. While Im writing this, he is counting his turn to be interviewed. Huh, I feel nervous rush too. fuhfuh.

Okie. The purpose of writing is definitely not about this but I want to share about Tempat Asuhan Kanak-kanak or in we always known form is TASKA. Yes, since Iman was 10 months old, we already sent him to the nearby house TASKA. It is a registered one and located in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. Approximately 5 minutes or less by driving from our home. The taska is Taska Adik Manja. Earlier we had attempted another place in Seksyen 20 for few months but unfortunately that place was not meant for him. Many undue circumstances that made us decided to find a new place for him.

We chose that taska because of it is registered with JKM, the place is clean and suitable for babies and the teachers are proportionate with the babies and tods. For your information, the ratio is varies depends on the taska but for Iman's place, the ratio is 1:3. Meaning 1 teacher is for 3 babies. I feel comfortable to hear that. Oh not to forget, the fees also quite acceptable although a bit to pricey comparable to some other places, we still consider them as one of the best we have now.

Believe me, departed from the baby during daytime is the toughest task i never think of. While waiting hour to fetch him, i cried heart loud at home. huhu. Looking at his toys plus knowing that my Iman is a very stranger anxiety, makes me feel worst. But, Alhamdulillah, day by day, Iman gets suit himself well. He is now even not crying when we send in the morning. We also found many things that he can catch up from the school such that, he knows to raise up hand when we call his name, knows to tadah tangan when we recite doa' before and after eat and the most is knows to socialize and make friends. Alhamdulillah.

Our baby yang depan sekali tu. Tgh tgk tv. Hehe.
So people, dont be scared to send your babies to Taska. But please first make proper check-list to ensure your babies safety during their custody. So, good luck.

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  1. total how many babies??in which area sek 7?


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